Diet Recipes

Imagine that a successful diet recipe is a thousand-mile road to your destination. On this road you have fast highways, crisscrossing freeways, lonely country roads and busy city streets.  You come across many expensive restaurants that serve quality foods and small diners that serve fast foods based on their location and the traveler’s interests.

You don’t expect the most expensive restaurant or the modest diner to provide all your nutritional needs as you travel. You also don’t expect the owners to be aware of your personal needs, weaknesses, and strengths or your destination.

Those who provide recipes for you can only share their own experience along with many assumptions about you and your destination. It is up to you to be clear about your destination. And you are the only one who has the information about your strengths and weaknesses from belief system, to finances, to your state of health, as well as likes and dislikes.

Your personal information is the beginning step into your journey.  Let me give you an example.

People who look for easy recipes may be novices looking for uncomplicated recipes to get started, or they could be busy mothers looking for fast recipes. What happens if you add the term healthy in the middle to come up with easy healthy recipes?

And the level of complication enters the mix.

Many times easy recipes, fast recipes, and healthy recipes are not the same. One of the ingredients I enjoy as part of my recipes is sprouting. The entire process of sprouting takes less than fifteen minutes per week if you follow specific instructions. Without carefully learning and following instructions, you could spend several hours and waste your money and end up with a fungus-covered, foul-smelling goo that ends up in your garbage disposal.

Learning how to grow sprout may take up to an hour that includes couple of mistakes you may make in the way.

Sprouts can become a part of the low-carb recipe diet, you could add them as part of healthy dinner recipes, and they could serve as part of a Paleo diet recipe.

All of this sounds great until you chew on the first batch of the sprout you made and you decide that you don’t like the earthy taste.

If your goal is unclear and you believe that sprouting is not essential to your diet recipes, you will not take any additional steps to add ingredients and seasonings that make the sprout match your taste. If you believed that sprouts are is an essential part of any nutrition program, you may even like the earthy taste or take the steps necessary to incorporate sprouts into your recipes.

These adjustment steps will be part of any diet program and they will only happen based on your belief system.

Similar steps happen in other diet methods as well. You have a learning curve; you need to be prepared to make mistakes and be patient to correct those mistakes and move forward toward your destination. Without learning, and patience that only come from a clear understanding and significance of your goal, you move from one diets to the other.

In our road story, without a destination you could easy to travel several thousand miles in circles without ever reaching your goal. Every city you visit is exciting and not quite right. Every road is enticing without fulfillment. It is the destination that gives direction to your goals and gives a sense of purpose to your steps. It is the destination that allows you to recognize if you’re traveling in the wrong direction. Without a destination, there is no wrong direction it is just a traveling.

Most who diet have no destination. That is why they are always traveling from one diet to the next without learning the details that allow for success.

The first ingredient in your successful diet is the clarity of your goals. The second component of a successful diet is clear non-judgmental personal understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

You need to first believe and then know with certainty that whatever weakness you may have could be turned into strength as long as you acknowledge and face it.