Dietary Herbal Supplements

Combine an emotionally charged problem like obesity with claims of natural and cheap supplement, easy solutions from herbs and you have a marketing dream come true.

A marketing dream and real solutions may not be and often are not the same thing.

You need to ask questions. Questions like this one:

How do herbal supplements cause weight loss?

Most herbal weight loss supplements work the illusion of weight loss rather than the real loss of fat.

1- Water loss through urination and undigested food loss through increased bowel movements is the basis for claims that you can lose several pounds in a week. It may be true, but the weight you lose is not fat.

2- Supplements like herbal tea weight loss increase your nervous system stimulation.

Central nervous system stimulation speeds up your mental and sometimes physical activities. Think of cartoons characters who have had a cup or dozen too many caffeinated coffees. They talk a the speed of hundred miles an hour, and they run around the screen doing all kinds of calisthenics.

The increased mental speed makes you agitated without any fat loss benefits. If and only if you can direct the increased stimulation into increased physical activities you can burn sugar and fat storage.

3- Herbal supplements for weight loss that increase serotonin help in two ways. The first is that serotonin is a natural appetite suppressant because it makes you feel fuller. Serotonin also improves your mood and makes you feel better which in turn impacts emotional eating.

These are three major ways. There are other ways that an herbal supplement could help you lose weight. With a creative marketing team, you can combine them into infinite sales pitches.

You need to dig deeper and see how a supplement works and verify the research.

One of the most reliable research resources is Physicians Desk Reference®